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What is your style?

What has changed, in two words,a lot. We see a change especially in product design technologies. Today we have more tools to build and create better, houses, cars, candle holders, lamps and many more things.

If you were to ask me what is my style, what I give that other companies don't. I will answer that I try to give uniqueness and meaning to every product I make. My goal isn't mass production of products. I prefer the limited edition collections because they tell a story, they are unique and I try to look first at my clients. How my products will give a meaning to them.

I am very attached to old objects and tools. Objects that are passed from father to son, objects that tell a story, that are collected during a lifetime. These objects are unique, because they mean a lot to their owners.

This brings me to the point, today many people design their homes according to IKEA's catalog, it's not that IKEA is doing something wrong. I love them, but here is the problem, in the end we all look the same because of it, with no statement or uniqueness. IKEA should be a source of inspiration and nothing more. Unfortunately for some people, the use of imitations of one magazine or another, undermines their judgment and makes them lose their personal statement.

I always ask myself why? how can I make people want to be different?

Probably because a lack of confidence, lack of understanding and wanting to be on the safe side. I'm not blaming anyone, I am a part of this world.

I'm in favor of going with some style or another that you love but inside all of it you need to keep your views and statements. These objects are the elements that will transform your home. They will give meaning to your house and not superficiality meaning, these products are the unique jewels of your home, gather them carefully. It is important to have values ​​that you believe in or a good story that symbolizes an important period in your life.

Fortunately, these products can't be bought from mass production companies or large networks, rather they will come from your journey in life, nature trips, small shops you will find on the way, art and design galleries, fairs, and of course from businesses that promote uniqueness and a different look.

Always go with your inner truth because it is who you really are!

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