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I believe in Recycling

I believe that in the world we live in, emphasis should be placed on designs that are more considerate, designs that invests thought in production processes and correct use of raw materials. That is why I chose to become a product designer. It's important to understand that Corian is a material you can re-use but for some reason companies prefer paying a lot of money burying it. Many tons of Corian waste go into the landfill each month and for no reason. This is something I'm trying to change. My objective for this year is to recycle 500 kg of Corian. I know its not a lot but its a start! My products are 100% recycled. I take the used Corian and in a unique in house process I can create any product I want.

See below some products I made from recycled Corian.

We need to take care of our planet, and if all of us can make at least one change in our life-style, the world will be a better place.

AV DESIGN STUDIO was founded as a green business and we guarantee our customers everything we make will be nature friendly.

Recycling doesn't mean less, recycling is the future of everything. We need to learn how to reuse materials, and we need to do it now!

Our goal is to create for our customers better products and a new vision, because being greener will make the change for all of us.

As the famous saying goes: "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better". ~Albert Einstein

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