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My First Time

My dad Vicky

- my dad and my daughter Maya

When was the first time I heard about Corian? When was the first time I started using this amazing material? Well, these are good questions. And I’m trying to think, did the Corian find me or did I find it.

I’m thinking about it and it brings back to my childhood. So among the memories about family, trips, sea and events I have a lot of memories of working together with my father in the household warehouse.

My dad always told me that being a girl doesn’t mean I can’t do something. It should never limit my goals and dreams. So I started experimenting with different materials. Building different things, connecting different materials and many other things. Actually most of the things at our home we built/fixed by ourselves, not needing any professionals to do things for us. We bought the equipment and did the work.

20 years ago my father came home with this white material. He explained to me and my brothers about Corian and his eyes light up, just like our eyes. I think it was love from first sight.

My dad started to experiment with the Corian, and of course I was just beside him; playing with this material, adding bits of wood and screws.

Since my first encounter with this material I knew, one day I will create many products with it. As you can understand, Corian was always around me, my dad and in the Moshav I grew up in, Regba.

Regba Kitchens

Regba is knowing for its high level kitchens made from Corian. It is one of the leading kitchen companies in Israel and I’m proud to be living in Regba.

I started my design studies at the Holon Institute of Technology in 2009, in the Department of Industrial Design. During the course of my studies without having noticed, I used Corian as a material to convey shape, texture and more.

In the first year of my studies I created an abstraction for cauliflower. I also built a sculpture using Corian, that was an interpretation of a soap bottle I made from clay .

In the second year I had a kitchen exercise and I decided to build a sink, using Corian.

In the third year – I decided to increase my knowledge in Corian and took it to the limit. I built a chair with the help of Ayalon Armon a lecturer in the faculty. My task was to create a chair without knots (Knots strengthen the legs of the chair so that the legs are strong and stable).

My Corian chair was born and I was honored to present it in many exhibits in Israel and abroad.

Corian Chair

When we had to choose our final project. I wanted to continue experimenting with the Corian and create more things with it. Even though my proposal was declined I managed to have one of the products made from Corian (eventually it will lead me to my first product).

Hala Project:


Wine Glass Project:

wine cup
Wine cup

Candles Project:

My final project spoke about the Friday ceremony in the Jews tradition.

final project

I wanted to open the interpretation and to give all religious movements a place. I wanted to put the family in the center and not the text/rules/tradition.

My first product (i.e PAMOT):


And my second product, i.e KAN:


My first product for me was a connection between my father, my final project and myself today.

Dad I want to thank you for everything you did and still are doing for me. I’m really thankful for that.

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