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The Team Beside Me

The team that believes in me and in the business. Believes in my path.

The team beside me is (like) my family. We work closely together, feel everything together.

The success of AV is absolutely the success of the whole team.

I believe that a good business is built from good people, people who believe. People who give their heart and soul. A business will rise and succeed if it is a business with soul.

In conversations in the studio, I’ve said on more than one occasion that we work together like a machine. Every role is important, just as every nut and bolt in a machine is important. We complement one another. We know each other’s strengths, and give each one the space to fly high, to dream, and to express themselves.

The team beside me is the strength from which AV has grown.

I am excited to introduce you to my team.

Team, I love you.

Michal Grossman – Studio Manager

Married, mother of three little rascals.

The “responsible adult” of the group.

Studied interior design.

Has a rich resumé in the realm of events and culinary arts – in events she loves the instant satisfaction of organizing celebrations for people; in the culinary realm she loves the food. And eating.

For Michal, design and aesthetics are the basis for everything – they are the air we breathe, our sensations in a space, it is they that determine the rhythm of our heartbeats.

She draws inspiration from interesting people, trips in Israel and abroad, cinema, and from her Italian DNA.

A tip for life: Trust your intuitions; they are more accurate than any advice you’ll get.

Liron Zohar – Graphic Designer

Married, mother of two boys, and a third one in the oven, baking at a high heat.

Avital’s graphic kindred spirit.

Unique typography excites her.

Loves minimalist design. In her view, when it’s accurate – it can be genius.

Coffee and music help her to concentrate.

Believes in doing things from her gut, and out of passion.

Searches for and finds inspiration in any time, event, and place.

Tip for life: Invest in long showers; that’s where the best ideas emerge.

Gili Nadav – Marketing and Customer Relations

The “baby” of the group.

Status: After her army service as a weapons NCO, and before her “big trip”.

A handywoman – loves building and assembling elements, planning and creating connections – an architect in the making.

Contacting her in the first half hour of the morning is not advisable. But after that…

Doesn’t stop at a red light.

Believes in hard work, isn’t afraid of obstacles on the way, and always aspires to first place.

She is the calm before the storm…

And her smile… oh, that smile… full of light and joy.

Oren Kerner – Production Manager

The man of the group.

Cut from the same cloth as Avital.

A true prince. His kingdom is the lab.

He has hands of gold and a diamond heart.

Creates, cuts, engraves, and connects in Corian, wood, and metal.

When Avital’s design mind starts to dance, it is immediately joined, in leaps and bounds, by Oren’s producing mind.

Together they turn dream into reality.

Oren is the worrier, and also the one who takes care of the coffee and cookies, you can depend on him.

He won’t rest until his task is completed, and he’ll put his heart and soul into it – a prince, as we’ve already said.

Draws inspiration from Leche – our resident model.

Before concluding, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the dear people who were part of AV.

They, too, played a very big part in building the studio.

Thank you for being here and giving wholeheartedly. Know that you’ll always be a part of AV, and you’ll always have a place in my heart.



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