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When color meets color

When I started my series of posts on table décor designs for the festivals, I had the family institution in my mind’s eye. Family is a complex, delicate, and sensitive matter, and, as such, the right festival table décor can provide a great deal of good, of tranquility, and calm.

We faced quite a challenge in the project of designing the table décor for Passover Seder Night. We took on the challenge together with Orit Sherman Nahari, who is an interior designer and home artist, and the owner of the SO SHERMAN design brand, and Orly Goldenberg, who specializes in flower arrangements and design, and owns Orly’s Flower Shop.

Passover Seder Night usually consists of a feast attended by several people, who spend a considerable amount of time sitting around the table, from reading the Haggadah and the blessings through the plentiful feast, to the traditional festival songs. And let’s not forget the search for the afikoman. 😊

So, how do you design table décor that will be practical, esthetic and pleasing to the eye, and that we can enjoy throughout the entire evening?

When we started formulating a concept for the Passover table, it was clear to us that the direction would be colorful, fresh, spring-like, and innovative, in the spirit of the festival and our design style. We placed emphasis on uniqueness, but just as much on using design items that would bring us pleasure not only during the holiday, but in the design of our home or office space throughout the year.

A large part of the table’s impressiveness was achieved by designing a striking centerpiece, and the correct choice of elements. You can certainly use a designed disposable tableware set, rather than go overboard with the unnecessary expense of new dishes.

We chose to create a centerpiece that conveys harmony by playing with heights and a pleasing color palette, so that every person seated around the table experiences a slightly different view from where they are sitting.

The most natural choice was to create a centerpiece in pastel spring colors, full of elements and flowers in accurate quantities, and with emphasis on balancing contrasts. We strove for a diverse, eclectic result, and I definitely think we achieved it.

The design element

As part of the choice to use items that can be used throughout the year, we chose existing pieces from our respective brands: SO SHERMA and AV Design Studio (apart from SEDER, the Passover Seder Plate, which is a Passover-specific item), rather than creating new dedicated elements. Consequently, our clients who have purchased our products can use them for the festival table as well.

From the SO SHERMAN products we chose an impressive element with a “twist” for the center of the table – we combined Small Shelves and Flat Shelves to create a kind of “window” that connects the diners seated at either side of the table, adding interest and a twist. On the top surface we placed various design items and the special flower arrangements created by the talented Orly, in direct continuation of the concept we built. Use of the shelves can be diversified with different colors and patterns, since the magnetic panel can be easily changed with a light “magnet pull”.

The AGARTAL series by AV Design, with its clean lines and minimalistic touches of color, blended harmoniously and served as a wonderful platform for Orly’s flower arrangements. We also incorporated the KAN series of candleholders, the creation of which was inspired by the custom of lighting Shabbat candles in accordance with the number of people in the home.

This year, we will be celebrating Seder Night on Friday evening, so we couldn’t help ourselves and added a pair of white PAMOT candleholders, with their clean, elegant line. If you want to “go crazy”, you can also incorporate colorful candleholders from the PAMOT series.

We also added SEDER to the table, the traditional Passover Seder Plate consisting of bowls in varying sizes, which allows every family to serve the traditional dishes in its preferred amounts. The bowls are made from 24-carat gold plated brass, which can suit virtually any table décor design, no matter the style. The plate itself is made from Corian, on which the signs of the Seder are engraved, which enhances the atmosphere of Passover.

How were the right flower arrangements matched with the design concept?

The flower arrangements were designed to complement and highlight the design elements, with an open, loose, natural look, rather than overly “made” and tight, in order to add a delicate, colorful, pleasing touch of nature that would complete the design concept, not overburden it.

Orly chose to use different types of seasonal flowers, including buttercups, roses, spring flowers, and even a few branches from the garden. The only real rule with regard to the flowers that she followed scrupulously was, “If it makes you happy, it’s a sign you chose right”. We at AV are adopting this principle 😊!

Credits for the festive table décor design:

Shelves – SO SHERMAN – Orit Sherman Nahari

Contact: 073-3905222

Flowers – Orly’s Flowers – Orly Goldenberg

Contact: 054-9982774

Photographs – Sigal Bar-El

Contact: 052-5577060

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